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In cooperation with ITI/Tu Vienna, the EECS has succeeded in developing an ecological, energy-saving, chemical-free and environmentally friendly stand system as an alternative to existing solutions made of Alu-building systems.

The sustainable and innovative solutions

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In 2017, the wood design expo systems of the EECS were presented to an exclusively selected audience in the Viennese Castle Garden Palm House. We would like to thank you very much for your interest in this world novelty from Austria.

"Our aim is to offer sustainable, green and innovative solutions for all companies in the exhibition, event and congress industry. From small stands to two-storey architecture."

Leslie P.C. Zech
President of the group

Aluminium comparison
to wood-based exposure systems

Trade fair market

The worldwide market of aluminium exhibit systems for trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and events of the global exhibiting industry, illustrated by the example of Germany, the world market leader in the field of trade fairs and events.

The 16 largest trade fair organisers in Germany, from Deutsche Messe AG Hannover (over 400,000m² of exhibition space in exhibition halls, planned and built according to the latest trade fair guidelines for Expo2000), Messe Frankfurt, Messe München to Messe Friedrichshafen (70,000m²), add up to a total exhibition space of over 6 million m². These are rented out on average up to four times a year. Worldwide we have over 2,000 trade fair organisers.

Existing solutions/problems Aluminium

These exhibitions are dominated by aluminium exhibition stand construction systems, in a wide variety of designs and versions, but all meeting the technical requirements of the exhibiting industry. The most important requirements are durability, often usability, variable design possibilities, supported by professional storage and transport logistics.

Aluminium requires large quantities of raw materials and energy. According to Austria's leading environmental protection organisation Global 2000, the production of aluminium requires four times as much energy as paper production, ten times as much as tinplate production and 27 times as much glass processing. The mining of bauxite, the raw material for aluminium production, produces large quantities of highly toxic waste products, which are deposited in open toxic sludge basins in the form of red sludge containing heavy metals. As is characteristic of open-cast mining, bauxite mining destroys large areas of landscape, such as the Brazilian rainforests or Siberian primeval forests.

Potential wood

Wood is a renewable resource and Austria is one of the largest exporters of wood. If hybrid and composite constructions can be made competitive with aluminium systems, then there would be a huge market for this new system.

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Because the future
is green!


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