green events

Many companies have understood that "sustainability" and "green events" are about being authentically green from the inside out. Responsibility towards the environment and society demands an increasingly transparent approach to the issue of sustainability. Accordingly, it is first necessary to transform internal processes in order to be able to appear green to the outside world at events. In this way, accusations of "greenwashing" can be efficiently prevented and an all-round sustainable appearance guaranteed.

For the planning of Green Events this means working with partners who share this idea and face the same sustainability challenges.

At Green Events we try to act sustainably and in a resource-saving way in all areas around the events. With Green Events a clear signal is set and responsibility for the environment is taken. Particularly in the event and trade fair industry, an authentic, sustainable presence sets the right signal for an environmentally conscious company.

A wooden appearance underlines the green appearance here. As a modular exhibition system, the EECS Wood Design Expo Systems combine functionality, design and sustainability and thus help to stage a successful exhibition presentation.

(A sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to existing aluminium stands at trade fairs and events made of a renewable raw material: the wooden stands made of oak).