Exhibition stand wood

Instead of one-way solutions, the EECS wood design expo systems are based on a unique, patented plug-in system. The EECS wood systems are based on oak uprights and frames with a 95x95mm cross-section and a length and height of 0.5 to 6m. This plug-in system allows to build modular wood systems that can be used again and again and are therefore 100% sustainable, reusable and modular.

In the meantime, our unique Green Stands are already enjoying great popularity throughout Europe. Because many companies have recognised the seriousness of the situation and gratefully accept the opportunity to apply sustainable solutions to trade fairs and events.

Of course, in addition to the aspect of sustainability, aesthetics cannot be ignored. Due to the processed oak, the wooden exhibition stand has a fundamentally different appearance from the "cold" aluminium. Since wood - especially oak - is often used in private homes, this association also creates a homely feeling of well-being at the trade fair.

In exhibition stand construction, a stand made of wood benefits from precisely these properties and invites interested parties to visit and stay.