Sustainable exhibition stand

In cooperation with ITI/TU WIEN, EECS- Exhibition Event Congress Services GmbH has succeeded in developing an ecological, energy-saving, sustainable and chemical-free alternative to existing solutions using aluminium construction systems for trade fairs and events: The Wood Design Expo Systems - an environmentally friendly alternative made of oak.


Oak is particularly distinguished by its quality and appearance and is one of the most valuable domestic timber species. Due to the load-bearing capacity of the oak and the metal connectors developed and produced by us, we are able to produce stands with frames and uprights of up to 6m.

In an archaic style, we can thus place temporary buildings at trade fairs, events and conferences. Lighting elements such as spotlights, floaters, logos, etc. are then installed on these both sustainable and aesthetically striking exhibition stands.


The prints, which are clamped into the frame, complete the stand. What is worth mentioning about our prints is that they are not only printed in an environmentally friendly manner, but that they are also reusable. Due to the reusability of the prints, it is possible to use them at different events without always having to have the same appearance. In short, our systems adapt to your wishes and ideas without constantly wasting resources.


For the first time in the trade fair industry, our patented innovation from Vienna enables companies to present themselves at trade fairs in an authentically sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. The modular system behind our exhibition stands allows not only variable exhibition stands but also easier assembly and dismantling. In order to minimise transport routes and not to have to supply from Vienna to the whole of Europe, oak pillars and oak frames of all lengths are stored and produced in Bavaria, which guarantees deliveries to and within the region. This is made possible by the cooperation with excellent partner companies. Thus, the subject of sustainability - from the idea to the assembly and dismantling - is at the centre of our corporate philosophy.